What is a TEDx event?

Imagine a day filled with brilliant speakers, thought-provoking videos and mind-blowing conversations. A TEDx event is a local gathering where live TED-like talks and performances are shared with the community.

ED Events

ED events are TEDx events where educators, students, administrators and others gather to discuss the future of education. ED events give people in educational communities an opportunity to spark discussion on the future ofeducation, and share those ideas with the global community



The ticket includes: welcome coffee, appetizers, snacks, water & soft drinks, lunch.

The joy of learning

TEDxPiațaUniriiED 2024 wishes to be a vibrant exploration of the profound joy found in the act of learning. This event is a celebration of the innate curiosity that drives individuals to seek knowledge and the exhilaration that comes from expanding one's understanding of the world. We are seeking passionate speakers who can share their unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and inspiring stories on the theme "The Joy of Learning."

TEDxPiațaUniriiED aims to celebrate the transformative power of education and inspire individuals to embrace learning as a lifelong journey. Learning is not merely a process; it is a profound human experience that enriches our lives, broadens our perspectives, and empowers us to shape the world around us. Through captivating talks, interactive discussions, and immersive experiences, TEDxPiațaUniriiED will illuminate the multifaceted nature of learning, from the acquisition of new skills to the exploration of complex ideas, from the discovery of hidden talents to the cultivation of empathy and understanding.


"It was a full day of emotions, interesting information delivered by inspirational people and entertaining moments. I will definitely participate in future events branded by TEDx." 

"Good speakers, the event was very good organized, a good experience and many new ideas that I intend to use in my classroom." 

"I had the opportunity to listen to people that really have something to say in education for they are professionals in their field of activity. I also wrote down some ideas that are very useful for me." 


Continuing the tradition of previous editions, TEDxPiațaUniriiED will once again take place at the esteemed The Jewish State Theater in Bucharest.

The stage at The Jewish State Theater provides a unique platform to amplify your message and sparks meaningful conversations that transcend boundaries and inspire positive change.

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